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Leg 14

Wings in the Second Year of the Pandemic

We're returning to Wings!  To say that it's been an odd year is a gross understatement, as any resident of this planet will attest. Face masks, mass vaccinations, grocery pick-up services, "hunker down" orders...few people on Earth have escaped the influence of our first pandemic of the new Millennium. 

We have a broad outline of our trip this year, but past that, we just don't know what we'll face.  We'll document our activities and our experience in traveling to another part of the world in the Time of CoVid. 


Travel and Arrival

Days of Work in the yard

Days in the Yard

Final Days in the Yard

Day 1 in Fare, Huahine

Another Day in Fare

Fare to Avea Bay

Avea Bay

Fare to Raiatea

Bora Bora

Ian Arrives

BoraBora 2

Return to the Carenage

Our Final Days at the Carenage



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