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Links to organizations/sites that we think are important.

The following organizations have made us welcome, taught us a lot, and provided mentors. We recommend each one.

William H. Seward Yacht Club: A group of sailors with a great clubhouse and an active schedule of activities and races for all boaters.

Kenai Fjords Yacht Club: The local Seward folks have created a friendly group.

Passports Owners Association: POA! Our fellow Passport owners have provided information, humor, and support for many years. Thanks, folks!

Seven Seas Cruising Association: The premier cruisers' group in the world. Get involved!

The following sites have provided significant information to us. Again, we recommend each one. For a more complete list, visit the Resource page of the William H. Seward Yacht Club site. It also contains a host of other excellent information. This site has both short term and long term weather information for all parts of the world. Download their predictions for crossings. for real-time AIS info from the whole world. We thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 Haha! Our good friends and real cruisers in their own right, Jerry and Nancy Wertzbaugher, accompanied us and we could not have had a better crew or a more enjoyable time. Without reservation, we urge you to participate if time allows. The Pacific Puddle Jump rally is an annual migration of private sailing yachts leaving various points on the west coast of the Americas, but all bound for French Polynesia. Via radio nets and electronic communications they share information on preparation, weather routing, and inter-island cruising.

Because the fleet does not depart from the Americas on one single date, their arrivals in French Polynesia can be anytime in April, May or June. Due to the broad-based nature of the fleet, many of the boat crews will meet for the first time when they arrive in the islands. Our plan is to join the 2013 Puddle Jump. Great site created by Jimmy Cornell.



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