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Leg 10

Conni and Bill Return to French Polynesia 2017

Can it be Leg 10 already? We will have been in the Pacific for five years by the time that Leg 10 will start in May, 2017. It hardly seems possible.

Back at home, we've been through a bruising election and our country is more divided than ever. We fear the worst and hope for the best. While we're on Wings, our troubles are reduced to maintaining ourselves and Wings, and safely traveling to beautiful locations in this most-beautiful part of the world. As I write this, it seems heavenly!

As we always do, we'll haul our blue boxes from Anchorage to Papeete, Tahiti via Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA. From Papeete, we'll fly to Raiatea and stay at the Tiare Nui Pension in Uturoa. We'll begin preparing Wings for her season's travel as soon as we can. Wings awaits us at the Raiatea Carenage, resting in her cradle as she has all season. At this point, we are unaware of any major installations or repairs that need be made. We'll be carrying a LOT of replacement gear, of course, but that's par for the course aboard a cruising boat.

The actual trip involved hosting two groups of visitors and seeing the nearby islands of Raiatea, Taha'a, Bora Bora, and Huahine. We had some small engine problems, but were able to move as needed.

For a more detailed description of this leg, see the overview.



Our First Day on the Job

Our Third Day on the Job

Our Seventh Day on the Job

We Take a Break and Tour the Southern Island

The Wedding!

Ha'amene Bay to Uturoa

Uturoa to Fare on Huahine

Lazy Days in Fare

Fare Travels

Debbie and Philippe Visit

We Attend a Heiva

Nate and Val Visit

We Depart Raiatea and French Polynesia



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