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Lazy Days in Fare, Huahine

With guests arriving in days and nothing to fix until they arrive, we've been the indolent cruisers that we've always meant to be. These are a few shots in and around Fare, main town on Huahine. Since we have no working engine, and we're tied to a mooring, we come and go by dinghy.

Lovely Conni preparing the evening meal. Unlike being at home where Bill does the majority of cooking, Conni cooks and Bill washes dishes.

Wings (foreground) at her mooring in the lagoon. The distant vessel is a Norwegian sailboat with two couples aboard.

A very short dinghy ride, or a reasonable swim from the boat, lies this lovely little beach. We motor over frequently and Bill snorkels as Conni reads or hunts for shells.

Lovely Conni strolls along the pretty beach in the very bright tropical sun.

Along the walk into Fare from the beach we look South on Huahine Ito, or Little Huahine. The island is almost split into two islands at the indentation that you see.

Conni strolls along toward Fare along the shore.

From the Huahine Yacht Club we're looking South again, past an old ship's anchor.

Little can beat a cold Hinano draft on a hot day.

From another location at the Yacht Club we can see one of the municipal docks and the clear, cool water.

Again, from the Huahine Yacht Club a view down the road out of Fare.

The dock at left is where the freighters land with their supplies several times a week. One of the M/V Taporo fleet arrives in any weather, and off loads everything from new cars to passengers. EVERYTHING arrives by boat, other than a few passengers by plane each day. Note the kids playing in the water.

Further down the dock we tied the dinghy so that we could visit the Super Marche Fare and buy fuel. Water is harder to come by, oddly.

"Driving Miss Daisy", I took Conni on a ride around the lagoon. The lower range light and the corner of its upper cousin are visible mid-photo.

A double rainbow lightens the lagoon.

Yes, it looks like a sailboat, but it's illusory. The sails are deployed as this vessel departs, but are soon stowed. This is a liner from the Wind Star fleet. We've seen her, or her sister ships, many times.

Returning to the Huahine Yacht Club, we look out at the faux-sailboat.

Lovely Conni enjoys a frosty Hinano draft. I found the flower and she wore it.

In the distance, the Wind Star vessel slowly heads to Tahiti or Moorea further Southeast. In the foreground, two local mariners talk, one in a va'a, the other on a stand up paddle board. The paddle board guy is a superb surfer and we've seen him paddle the board out to the surf line and surf with the paddle in hand, then paddle back.

Happy Conni! She's reading on-line and nibbling honey-roasted peanuts. It's a Conni moment.




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