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Day 3 of Work: 15 May

We had another good and productive day of work, but at 4:00, it simply got too hot for us. Nevertheless, we got a lot done. I snapped these photos, some yesterday, some today.

This is what I usually see of Conni during commissioning: she's sitting an polishing stainless tubing.

As you can see, the interior is clearing a bit, after several days of hard work. The panels are gone and mounted, and lots of other stuff is stowed.

As I was sitting for lunch, I snapped this photo of a family group playing in the water. Mother is near shore on the launch ramp and the kids are out a bit, splashing and playing. People just live in the water.

As we departed today, I turned and snapped this photo of the Carenage ground. The sliding door is at left.

Our TINY Fiat, opened to dump some hot air, sits in front of another small boat yard.

This is the office for the sailmaker, Madame Faux, who's made several items for us. It's Avei'a Sailmaker/Seller.

Madame Faux's shop is located within the confines of a small private marine that houses both SunSail and Moorings charter companies. Her office was closed so we went walkabout.

The Golden Sails Restaurant with its obligatory Hinano sign serves great meals. That's Taha'a in the background.

This is a 49-foot catamaran and it's HUGE! A sign aboard states it holds 12 people!

This is a photo of the private vessel side of the marina, although the yellow sail covers are for SunSails, of course.

Lovely Conni enjoys the beauty of the bay.

I took this photo through the water of tiny fish playing around a concrete culvert at center left. A full sized photo shows them well.

Nothing here but the beauty of the area.

This seems to be a private yacht, over 50-feet long, moored in the bay outside the marina. Note the bowsprit for a Code Zero.

A daily commuter flight drops for a landing, flying in between Raiatea and Taha'a.

Look closely and you can see a rainbow. We've had this weather since we arrived.




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