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The Usual Packing

We crossed the Pacific in 2013, and we've been packing for the trips since 2010, so we should be competent about it.  We have our usual chores this year, but nothing unusual, but we still have three "blue boxes" of gear and my huge "Bill Bag".  The Bill Bag volume is mostly filled by two large fenders (incorrectly called bumpers) that cushion the boat's sides when we're at a dock. 

This pile is Conni's, including her black duffle bag and her blue box full of canned goods and other necessaries.

Here are Bill's two blue boxes, stuffed to the gills with parts for replacement and restocking.  We use cable ties to lock the tops on the boxes, and I print signs in both French and English that plea for care in TSA repacking.

The huge red bag is my Bill Bag (actually, it's trade name).  The two fenders, as deflated as we can make them, as well as my clothes and other boat parts. That black bag is our set of backup drives that we store out of the house for these trips.

The "Strong Track" that is causing us to fly United, sits against the wall.  It's four-feet between parallel sides, so is a large container, though very light weight.  I added some reinforcement cardboard and strapping tape to strengthen the box.  Inside is a coil of plastic track that holds the main sail onto the aft side of the mast.  The previous one broke so we had to buy the replacement. We're still unsure if we'll be able to get the thing on all of our flights.



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