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Travel and Arrival

Anchorage, Alaska to Raiatea, French Polynesia is a LONG way!  We hauled three blue boxes, my enormous Bill Bag, a "Strong Track" in a 42-inch octagonal box, and a few smaller packs.  It's a lot to simply manage, and the extra baggage fees are very high, but we simply can't find these items here.  If we need it, we must bring it with us. 

Lovely Conni attempts to sleep in the Papeete airport.  She has more luck than I.

Lovely Conni's sleeping attempt showing our trolleys of gear.

We are walking from the waiting room to the aircraft.  The turboprop aircraft are Air Tahiti, the inter-island part of Air Tahiti.  The island in the background is Moorea.

This is a good view of the aircraft with the line of people ahead of us.

These three young women were wearing sashes and having their photos taken, so our guess was that they were winners of some local contest. 

This is our gear after dragging it from the luggage rack in the Raiatea airport.  We hauled all of this from Anchorage.

A photo of our gear taken with the open airport front.

Conni got some carts and we loaded our gear.  We did this in every bloody airport through which we traveled!  Lovely Conni hides behind the Strong Track.

Masked but lovely Conni awaits our rental car.  While still at home, I had to reinforce the Strong Track box because of damage during delivery, and to provide some handholds for easy transport.

Still in the Raiatea airport, I snapped this photo of a kiosk for a local resort.  The work in weaving the palm fronds is quite exceptional.

Our bungalow is fairly primitive but provides the necessities.  Our gear is stowed in our boxes and we sort and pack for the day's work using the bed surface.

In the other side of the main room are our beds:  foam mattresses on wooden frames, we've slept in worse.  The air conditioning ensures a good night's sleep, critical when working hard in the heat.  There are no tables, chairs, or storage inside. so rustic.

A photo taken from the companionway of the boat, showing the absolute mess below.  Everything is stowed and such but there's no way to live here, so we've taken to renting the bungalow.

This is our aft berth, full to overflowing with stowed gear 




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