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Anchored in Fare

Fare is the main village of Huahine, one of our four local islands and one of our favorites.  It's located 25nm southeast of Raiatea and is only partially prepared for tourists, maintaining a great deal of its natural island way of life.

This is Aremiti 5, as you can see.  She's a fast island passenger ferry that's both fast and strong enough to bring passengers from Tahiti, 100nm away, to Bora Bora.  She's a catamaran so draws little water and with twin screws, she is exceptionally manuverable.  

We strolled around town on Saturday, our first day off the boat since leaving Raiatea.  This is a view southeast across Huahine's bay.

I do like this photo!  I snapped it from our outside table at the Huahine Yacht Club as we were enjoying a beer.  Wings is directly under the palm frond, and our dinghy, tied at the dinghy dock, is the one in sight at bottom. Raiatea, our home island, is in the background.  That beautiful surf is highly rated by surfers, we read, and has been pounding that coral reef for the past several million years.

Later that same day, we returned to the Yacht Club for happy hour and dinner.  The MaiTais at our table are the result of Happy Hour!  Lovely, and I do mean lovely, Conni is preparing to order.

We were photo-bombed by this derelict sailor, unfortunately, but it's nice to see the lovely interior of a real Tiki Lounge: the Huahine Yacht Club.

Awaiting dinner, Lovely Conni enjoys a cool MaiTai made with local and fresh juice.  The bar section is behind her. 

Here's a nice photo of our dinner:  my Marlin steak and Conni's Poisson Cru, the country's national dish, made of tuna (usually) cured in lime and coconut juice.



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