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Avea Bay

Avea Bay is beautiful and lies at the southern end of Huahine.  It's difficult to negotiate the many turns and shallows to enter the bay, and it scared us badly on our first trip many years ago.  Even this trip kept my attention, since we traveled for a 1/2 nm through water fewer than 17 feet deep.  The Relais Mahana resort is here, along with another fine restaurant:  this is my second birthday here! 

We took a long stroll along the belt road on Tuesday and came across this flowering bush.  We have no idea what it is, a common problem, but it's beautiful with white flowers and the orange berries.

Lovely Conni strolls down the belt road, enjoying the green beauty that is Huahine.

Some local artist decorated this wall with patterns of seashells.  I thought that it was quite fetching.

Yep, that's a large catamaran up on land.  We saw its stern list Ventura, California as its hailing port, but more than that, we don't know.  The biggest mystery to me is how they got it there, and of course, why.

A puckishly clever decoration on a bread delivery box 

We had motored to the Mahana resort to shower and enjoy a meal on my birthday.  These are the beautifully-decorated MaiTais that we enjoyed during Happy Hour.

My meal was this lovely chunk of grilled swordfish with a Nouilly Prat reduction.  Wow!

Lovely Conni had this fine tuna in a garlic white sauce.  Look at that odd tree that's growing behind her.  It's almost strangling the larger one. 

Dessert was this eclair with homemade caramel sauce and all those cool white chocolate fins.  The dessert was named a "pirogue" on the menu.  The cup held the smoothest vanilla ice cream we've ever consumed. 

The Birthday Boy himself.  It was quite an evening. 

The next day, we motored several miles through the most complex coral heads!  You can see a sample offshore.  That's Raiatea in the background. 

A short swing of the camera provided a nice shot of the beach and our dinghy pulled onto shore. Beautiful scene, isn't it?

This shows the resort but misses the green color of the place.  It was sunset and the light was so red that it makes the place seem dry, and it's not.  Still, you can see the resort with the dock at right.

The dock with the dinghy dock at water level on the right. We had dinner under the little hut just beyond the dock steps.

The larger bungalows, here, are lovely, too. 

We're sure that this barge began life as a bar, but it's a home, now.



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