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Wings Becomes a Boat!

There were times that I never thought that the time would arrive that we'd be in the water again, but here we are. I posted a few photos of our environment, too.

We requested from Nikki, the harbor lady, that we be close to the service center and we are. That's our newly repaired and delivered dinghy off our bow. Lovely scene, isn't it?

Looking into the grand Fiji lagoon from our bow. It's an enormous lagoon.

Wings, the boat, and her little slip. No sails yet, but soon, we hope.

A photo of the largest, most complex boat shade that we've seen. It will make a huge temperature difference below.

Our two German friends, Bella and David paint their boat in preparation of selling her. They've been gone for four years, his talents as both electronics engineer and mechanical engineer specializing in power systems paying the bills. They're very nice people, and that's a small boat for such a journey.

The Yacht Help office at Vuda Marina is small but packed with possibilities. They've got Tiko and Paul, now, to organize work and some very talented workers.

Our New Orleans friends, Buddy and Susan, bought us these stainless steel goblets, and we enjoy using them when we can. Conni found a fine Australian white to go with our trial of Moroccan couscous and lamb sausage. Thanks, friends.



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