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Work at the Slip

We've been at work here at the slip for two days, now and we're making progress. Here are a few scenes of around the marina.

Conni steps off of the boat. We step on the red dock lines to bring the bow closer, then hop over.

Pinky the boat cat eyes some delicacies offered by a fellow cruiser. She was adopted by this kind couple and they've made her welcomed. Note the screened hatch for her to lie on.


I never get tired of looking at the boats in the marina. Pobeda has a hammer and sickle on her bow. What's up with that?

The grey piece was missing and we had little time to fabricate something fancy, so I fabricated the piece at top. I'll bet it's around when we sell the boat! it's ugly by strong and effective.

Lulu, a yard worker, poses in the yard shop.

Panika is from where? We thought Chechnya, but we learned that the name "Szczecin" is a port in Poland.

The lovely marina office is surrounded by palms.

The trees in the background make a lovely shaded walkway to the main road to Lautoka. It's always cool under them.

Wings with a sail up! We got her main on today, almost three weeks after arriving.

Lovely Conni packs to leave the boat. Damn.

A photo for my Anchorage friend, Don. Looks fast, Don.

Our home away from home: the Boatshed Bar. Meals are cheap and they have specials for food and alcohol several times a week.

Conni Baby slurping on a Banana Daiquiri.

Conni watching the marina lights from the bar.

The two green lights are Range Lights and their vertical alignment (or non-alignment in this case) tell a mariner whether he is in a restricted channel or not. They should be in a vertical line.



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