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Scenes of Life in Fiji

Conni and I enjoy al fresco dining on our porch.

The new forward-looking sonar transducer will replace this now-defunct transducer.

We call this state of the boat as "project mode" and it implies that everything in the boat is strewn about. No wonder that we're staying in the resort.

The path to the pool area from our bura.

The exquisite tile work on the pool bottom.

At 0700, we're usually the first guests into breakfast. It's all you can eat of fruit, yoghurt, and breads.

Conni surfs as she enjoys her tropical fruit breakfast. The spherical fruit is unknown to us, but she also has a piece of soursop on her plate.

A opportunist local bird searchs for leavings. The open-air windows are wonderful and the early morning air is heaviy scented with flowers.

The grounds at the resort are beautifully kept.

Last year, there was a gate that led through this fence between the marina and the resort. Although we get conflicting explanations, the gate is now locked on the resort side. Consequently, we walk down these rocks, around the lower post, and back into the yard. With a pack-load of gear and rocks slippery from tides and waves, it's a dicey arrangement.

Well, he needed more height on his ladder and so he tried this! Oh, NO! There's no OSHA here, obviously.

Conni cleaning the large food bin in the galley. She uses 409 and the fumes fill the bin: she's a trooper.

Project mode made visible: this is why were're in the resort.

Conni scrubs the stainless steel, a process she calls, "Flitzing", making a verb from the product that she uses for the job: Flitz.

Half of the new sonar installation is the display, and that's been accomplished. Nice, huh?

Conni strolls along side the marina basin.



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