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We Launch!

Wings became a boat again and we departed the hot, dusty boat yard life. These are a few photos of the completion of tasks and the launch.

Wings on stands, showing the rediculous wooden ladder that we used. The top rung was loose so we had to remember to skip it. It's not the long fall but the suddern stop! The carpet roll on her bow prevents the TraveLift straps from crushing her wooden cap rail.

The old Interphase transduer finally relents and breaks free. I had a sunny, hot seat for the removal.

The transducer below and the fairing block above, hanging from the transducer shaft.

The traditional parting ceremony as a vessel leave Vuda.

The final view of the new transducer shows the caulk that Conni wisely applied. I know it's a silly photo but we worked very hard to reach that point.

Our ride appeareth....This 60 Ton TraveLift approaches for the ride to the sea.

View from the top: this is how the tiny world appears from our perch.



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