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Work and Play

This collection of photos includes some from the marina and a few from the kava ceremony that we enjoyed at the resort.

Although not a high-tech seat, our worker has identified and is repairing the damaged through-hull that's been leaking for a long time. We've repaired it several times, but this looks definitive.

Our crew at work. We usually have 4-6 men toiling around the boat. Wings already looks better.

Old Joe, the oldest on the crew, is 55 hard years. He's a very nice guy.

We get neighbors: this enormous boat was too large for the assigned pit.

Conni dismounts after a long day's work.

Our home away from home: the bar. It's colorful, the staff is wonderful, and they make great food and drink. After a shower and cold water, this is where we spend the evening. They also free wifi, and that's a great asset for us.

This is a traditional kava bowl, carved from a single piece of tree trunk. The host fills it and the group empties it. Traditionally, partipants drink from a shared cup made of a half-coconut shell. The participant claps once and says, "Bula", meaning "life". The cup of kava is given to the participant who quaffs it in one drain and returns the cup, whereupon the participant claps three times.

The leader is infusing the kava powder from a cloth bag. Color determines when it's ready to consume.




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