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Huahine 3

We were on Huahine for five days and were able to see a lot of the island near us. These are the final photos that we made on Huahine, including a few from a walkabout along the coast road toward the south.

The water side of the Huahine Yacht Club is open air and very inviting.

And the Hinano beer is very cold.

Local kids having fun at the city wharf. The kid in the center is doing a handstand before lauching himself into the water. The city kids played there for hours and the crowd changed several times.

This is ONE serving of the plat du jour at Chez Mimi, a roadside food stand. A huge amount of delicious food: very fresh white fish, potatos and brocolli in vanilla sauce with a side of rice and a salad of fresh locally-grown greens.

Yes, this is all one tree, including the "trunks" hanging down from the overhead canopy, waiting to reach the ground and take root.

A channelled stream and a pretty, apricot-colored hotel ("pension") set into a valley.

This is what happens when you sail onto a reef at high speed on a lightly-built catamaran. The catamaran hit at the bow and ripped the entire stern of the port-side ama off the boat. We're looking forward from the stern of the port-side ama. The starboard side didn't fare much better.

Some decidedly psychedelic local vegetation. The vertical symmetry of the leaves is really odd.

Sitting on a painted bench at a pretty water-side park in Huahine.

Conni and two kitties at the Huahine Yacht Club.


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