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What a beautiful island! As most islanders say everywhere, we don't want to be Bora Bora! Huahine has no resorts, few services for tourists, and that languid, peaceful pace of life for which the South Pacific is rightfully famous.

We arrived after a day sail from Bora Bora and negotiated the reef passage with no problems. We now have a nice mooring so we're set until our leaving. Here are a few photos of our first foray onto Huahine.

Surf pounding the coral reef as we depart Bora Bora. Since our camera is a "point and shoot", it's easy to see that this is BIG surf!

A great view of the complete volcano of Bora Bora. The airport is in the flat motu (small island on a reef) in the foreground.

Goodbye, Bora Bora. Our faster route to Huahine as up and over the north end of Bora Bora, giving us some spectacular views of the island.

The first night in Huahine, we simply dropped the hook in a convenient location. This island freighter came blasting in the passage, docked for an hour, and blasted out again.

We toured the bay looking for a better anchoring location.

Range lights, red this time, help negotiate the channel.

Huahine is actually two islands, split by this deep channel.

Many vessels chose to anchor in the shallows inside the reef. Do note the oddly raked masts on the red-hulled boat. I'm sure that her owner thinks that forward-raking masts are the best thing going.

Most of the town of Fare, where we're staying. It's the big city on Huahine.

This small park in town center is the starting/ending point for several canoe races of note. The pointed stone at right is the actual starting point. There are ocean paddling races to and from many nearby islands, but the big one is to Hawaii on voyaging canoes, huge wooden catamarans using traditional navigational techniques.

The sleepy town of Fare, main street. Idyllic, isn't it?

Our beer radar soon found the Huahine Yacht Club with its Hinano advertisement.

Wings hangs to her mooring as we watch through the foliage of the yacht club. Wings in Huahine: who would have thought.

Bill surveys the ruins of a great meal. He enjoyed a hamburger and Conni had poisson cru, or raw fish in coconut milk. The raw tuna was marinated in lime juice for several hours. Fresh baguette and steins of Hinano completed the meal.

Huahine has a river that flow through town, certainly not an accident. It's been channel as it flows through the town, but starts up in the mountains.

Conni and I followed the stream as far as we could, passing this lovely field.

The Fare Elementary School has lovely grounds.

As we prepared to return to Wings, we stopped to look at the buoy repair.



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