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Vuda Marina to Vava'u, Tonga

We departed Fiji with decent winds but soon were reduced to motoring. Nevertheless, we arrived in Tonga in good time and enjoyed the community and environs.

Ritech, the mechanic, works on the engine.

Crew Phil studys sailing while in Vuda.

We had dinner out the last night: John, Bill, and Phil

John reads while on watch.

As its namesake, the Pacific is calm for our motoring and we made good speed.

Bill drinks to avoid dehydration.

Off watch, everyone scrambles to catch sleep.

In Wings' forward head, one needs a seatbelst to stay aboard the throne. To prevent the seat from being pulled off the toilet, I attached these two stops on the bottom. For sailors, they're bases for old Windex units. Worked like a charm....

We sail to weather.

John tries on his new sun hat. Somehow, it doesn't seem right.

Wings at anchor in Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga.

A busy Neiafu street containing most of the stores.

We shop in the unorganized Chinese-run store.

This is a typical home in Neiafu.

The weekly ferry to the main island.

Beautiful bone and whale-bone carvings

The wonderful farmer's market

The carvers.

Traditional weaving and printing

The municipal dock is a centerplace.

Wonderful business sign, Neiafu.

Sunset from the Galloping Rooster Restaurant.

Maopa and John. It's a long story, but she sat and talked to us for several hours.



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