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Dinner After a Long Day

We had a long day of work, so we stumbled home, showered so as not to offend any other guests, and headed for the bar and another great bar meal.

An expensive treat at home is a brand of chips called "Terra Chips", and here we had still-warm, fresh chips made on-site. The luscious chips were taro, cassava, and sweet potato. We had two plates full!

A great bar meal: home-made pizza and a Chi-Chi cocktail. The pizza, believe it or not, was a "Diana Ross" for reasons that no one could explain.

Tired Conni after the day of hard work in the heat and humidity.

The final look at our much-beloved Probe forward-looking sonar. It gave up the ghost on the last leg and I hope to install a 15-years-newer unit from Simrad. Probe, thanks for all of your service.

Low tide. That vertical pole in shadow is the fence end that we circle to travel from resort to marina. Today's return was at high tide and my pants got soaked by waves around the same pole.

They're reinforcing the seawall at the resort and we happened on the construction.



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