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Crew Arrival and Engine Work

Our crew of Phil from Friday Harbor and John from Anchorage has arrived and begun work. They're great fits to our needs. The engine has been a trial as those of you who've been reading the blogs know.

If one has to do arduous boat work, it should be in Fiji. A Fiji sunset from the Boatshed bar does little justice to the original.

On our last night alone, Conni and I enjoyed a meal at the Boatshed.

This bunch of bananas was US$2.50 and will feed us for days. Actually, it's a beautiful structure.

The multi-day head project ends with my having to raise the head on this 2x4 lumber.

Done! A non-leaking head is in place.

Phil at left and John at right join Conni and me at the Boatshed for a celebratory meal on their arrival.

The engine ready for its cylinder head removal.

Shawn, the manager of the chandlery and fuel dock has been a prince to us. I wanted to include him in our Fiji photos.

John smiles in the heat.

Phil at work on attaching our fuel cans to the side decks.

Phil leaves the boat for shore.

The day that Conni departed Fiji, we took a stroll through the boat yard.

The channel to freedom out of the marina. With luck, we'll motor through this channel on the afternoon of 8 May.

Conni and I pose for John in front of the Boatshed Bar, across the channel entrance.

A telephoto photo of Wings on the other side of the marina. It's how she looks to the world.

My sweetie leaves for home.



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