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Bora Bora!

James Michner, the great American author, named Bora Bora the most beautiful island on Earth. He was stationed here during his World War 2 Pacific adventures and remained an admirer of Bora Bora. Most consider his statement a fact and it's certainly the Pacific's poster child for the stunning natural beauty of the islands. Few people don't recognize the profile of that volcano.

The volcanic plug that dominates Bora Bora's views is prominent from Wings' deck.

The Bora Bora Yacht Club, dock (at left, waterline), restaurant under the 3 thatched roofs at left over the dock, and the dormitory for wait staff at right. All serving staff are lovely young women from all over the EU.

A squall moves across the surrounding coral reef during an after session. The large motor yacht at right is anchored out by itself. This scene is re-visited each afternoon and the scale is missing in this photo.

Palms frame the famous Bora Bora volcano as seen from our deck: Not a bad view out our windows.

The Bora Bora International Airport was constructed during World War 2 and remains in service. With little land available on the main island, the field was build on the coral reef, where dozers simply smoothed the coral surface and tarmac was laid down. Access these days is via this ferry that carries passengers back and forth for the four to five flights a day. Conni's aboard this one!

What a woman! She's hauling her pack and that 35-pound blue box of boat supplies as she disembarks the ferry. It was great to see her and have her back aboard Wings. From half a world away, she found her way back to Bora Bora to join Wings and me.



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