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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Day 1 of Work

We arrived at First Landing and had a lovely burgers-and-beer dinner before collapsing into bed. We arose early and enjoyed the spectacular breakfast buffet that is offered to guests: fruit, yoghurt, pain au chocolate, and other delicacies await the early riser.

Why we rented a room for the first week. It's a madhouse in the boat! There's stuff everywhere and we've learned through the years that it's no fun sleeping in the mess and heat.

Lovely Conni poses in front of our bare or cabin. We had a lovely dinner out on the screened veranda.

Dinner prep in our tiny kitchen. Note the interesting rope work to simulate a more traditional construction. The white box above Conni's head is the much-loved air conditioner.

Boat supplies consume empty space in the tiny living room. The three boxes on the shelves at left contain the new sonar, while two blue boxes sit ready to disgorge their contents when needed. One box is already empty and on the boat.

Night two's message urges us to enjoy Fiji, a thought not altogether compatible with preparing Wings.



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