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Photos from John B.

I rarely take photos of myself or from other than my viewpoint, but John gave me some nice photos that I thought that I'd post. Thanks, John. They cover Fiji through Rarotonga.

Bill doing engine usual.

Phil and Lovely Conni peer below, probably at Bill doing engine work.

Wings at the dock in Fiji, preparing to leave. We use the main sheet, a horizontal line below the boom, as a clothes line for drying towels and such. S/V Laudromat!

Ah, yes, Bill doing engine work. In this case, he's sanding an old head gasket that he hopes will seal a possible leaking head. It did.

Conni doing departure paperwork.

Bill doing something important, I'm sure.

Bill in foreground, Tiko from Yacht Help hiding in the tree.

John posing. Salty, isn't he?

As we departed, the staff from the marina came out in full force to see us off. This lovely lady hauled a gallon of oil for me: she operated the tiny coffee shop where we had many nice lunches.

The staff sends us off with a traditional Fijian song. I was very touched since not all patrons receive such.

Fighting with flag halyards, Bill works in safety with his harness and jacket.

Unpleasant conditions on deck but work must be done.

Phil and Bill discuss nautical matters.

Wings in the background, Bill in the foreground, all in Vava'u, Tonga.

John enjoys a meal at the Tropicana Cafe in Vava'u.



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