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Friday Afternoon Stroll in Papeete

Yes, we're still here. No, the engine still does not work and we've no idea when that will change. Nevertheless, we're in Papeete, a city that we've grown to love, and we're having a great time otherwise.

Patachoux, a small "snack" or sandwich spot, is one of our favorites. As we strolled from the boat, we often walk by and can never simply pass without stopping. Here we have an early afternoon pastry and Orangina

Just so that you know that one is here in Papeete. Never stopped, never shall.

Our favorite local market is the Champion, and this is their lovely vegetable display. I think that it's striking.

We've mentioned the harbor-side park many times and this is good photo of what it's like. Dropped among the walkways are pavilions for whatever you wish to do. There are restaurants, exercise areas, you name it. It's heavily used.

S/V Vertigo, a 220-foot ketch was made of aluminum at Allied Yachts in New Zealand. She's for lease, if you wish, for several hundred thousand dollars per week. Please invite us.

This old wooden-hulled schooner was moored in the main part of the harbor. She's one salty-looking boat and probably very old. She's still actively being sailed, too.

A roulotte, or food wagon, drove up as a single vehicle, but then molted its outer skin to form the overhangs, and disgorged all of this stuff. It was like watching circus clowns emerging from a VW there was so much stuff!

Women of the dock: Conni, Ruth from Blue Heeler, and the female half of Marilyn's crew aboard Marilyn.

LOOK at that beer dispenser! 5 liters of beer in these things and the group downed it all. The restaurant is 3 Brasseurs or 3 Brewers, right on the boulevard.

SV Wind Spirit, the non-sailing cruise boat with the unused sails. One is aboard for 7 days, and with only 145 passengers. and 90 crew.

MV Paul Gauguin, a large cruise ship, offers a 14-day excursion to many more destinations. She carries considerably more passengers.

Conni walks boatward past the interestingly lit marina waters. Word is that the marina will at some point add fish to a secured volume of water in this lit area.




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