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Leaving Raiatea and Enjoying Tahiti

We finally got the boat splashed, and left Raiatea. After solving some other engine issues that we had as we motored to Taha'a, we spent the night at anchor. Leaving Taha'a, we motor sailed overnight to Tahiti, arriving the next day.

And once again we were in lovely Marina Taina! Boats from all over the world are tied up here.

Nicholas, our Raiatea Carenage mechanic, signals all well as we prepare Wings for lifting into the water. Conni thinks he's cute.

Wings becomes a creature of the sea again. In the total downpour in which the event occurred, Conni and I were hiding in the bathhouse door at right.

Raiatea Carenage from the water as we leave.

There is a coral protrusion here and someone built a bungalow on it. No bugs out there.

Conni pilots us out of the coral reef while a paddler drafts us: see him at her left side.

Moorea looms as we approach Tahiti. Moorea is the sister island within Tahiti's coral reef.

Conni poses in front of Wings as we tie up in Marina Taina.

Conni and I stroll to Carrefour, the large France-based super market.

Yep, it's a French store and there's an impressive baguette section.

Tribute to Buddy P. Hope you enjoy it. This is boudin, French blood sausage. As this Creole sample attests, it's a favorite in the bayous of Louisiana.

And, a formidable cheese section.

This employee weighs vegetables and slaps the price on the bags. We'd not seen the system before.

Not an Alaskan grocery store sporting section! Here are spear guns, mast/snorkel sets, and other fishing gear.

THOUSANDS of sandals! Conni peruses for a new pair.

Nate poses in front of Wings as we leave for a stroll. He had just arrived from the US to join us for the crossing to the Cook Islands.

One of the lovely sailboats in Marina Taina. She's from New Zealand and is very large.

Wings as seen from the fuel dock across the marina entrance. She's ready to go sailing!



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