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Tour of Bora Bora's Main Facilities

We awakened a bit later than usual after our overnight sail and enjoyed a lazy morning. After a bit of packing, we departed in our now-dependable dinghy and toured the main Bora Bora facilities: Customs, Post Office, market.

A local church with a magnificent backdrop.

Looking down an alley, we saw this great scene: white coral sand and azure blue Pacific water.

Nate and Lovely Conni stroll down the main street. We were on the hunt for groceries and a short walk brought us to a small market. There are a LOT of churches here.

In the market, we always find eggs unrefrigerated although the bread is. Nate and Conni enjoy looking the offering.

The price reflects the distance between Lynchberg, VA and Bora Bora. Well, the distance and the sin tax levied by the government. The price for a liter? US$100. Wow!

The point of sale staff was wearing these beautiful dresses and flower wreaths.

Hey, man, even dogs gotta get cool! We were having lunch in a large pavilion that provided some shade and every critter was trying to cool down.

The little marina in Vaitape, the main town. Our dinghy is the inflatable with the handsome new black Mercury on the transom. Nice, huh?

French and French Polynesian flags fill in the strong breeze.

1530: too hot for even the dogs to do anything but hide from Sun.

Conni and I finally visit one of the great beach bars in the world: Bloody Mary's. Named after the light opera South Pacific's character of the same name, it's seen its share of famous patrons. This is the dinghy dock entrance.

Nathan and Bill stop in their stroll into Bloody Mary's for Conni to snap a photo.

The same pair pose at the entrance to the bar. Signs on both sides are in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and Polynesian. Outside of this passageway were lists of the rich and famous patrons.

Lovely Conni and that derelict again in front of the bar.

Lovely Conni finds a cat to pet. Both creatures are lucky! This bar cat, as one would imagine, was accepting of any petting available. As you can imagine, the signature drink is the Bloody Mary and it's a good one, as we can attest after a pair.

The mooring field in front of Bloody Mary's bar with the mighty Bora Bora volcanic plug visible in the background.



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