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Tahiti, Another Day

Today, I strolled the dock with the camera to give you some sense of this lovely marina.

From Wings' dock to the Tahitian countryside. This lovely RIB is a dive boat.

The 80-foot Hinckley sits on our bow. She's owned by a local and he does all of his own maintenance. It's a big job! The boat needs a full crew to be sailed.

The name tag for the Superyacht, Lush. Lush is the featured Oyster 885 on the Oyster site. To see the boat in her many facets, go to: She's a beautiful boat and at US$9 million, she should be.

Lush's bow emblem. Red Bull?

Moorea overlooks the crashing surf that beats on Tahiti's surrounding coral reef. The surf is one reason we're still here and not making our way to Raiatea.

Philippe, the harbor master, helps a crew leave.

Moonbeam, site of our wonderful meal with owner Ken, crew Nancy, and other guests Gregory, Anna, and Ben. Ken is circumnavigating. Typical "Med Mooring" arrangement for getting on the boat. Note that the water is so clear that you can see the propeller and rudder!

Three Superyachts, all in a line: Lush (the Oyster), See Addler (Hinckley), and Wings.



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