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We Leave La Paz

At long last, we were completing the last touches for the crossing. We were all working like fiends, and, truth be told, could have used another week, at least. We just did the best that we could, leaving some tasks to be completed after we left, and some not done at all. We came to regret some of these omissions!

Chip works on his log.

We got the worker that we paid for. "Chip, please varnish the cap rails." ZZZZZZZ

Conni living and cooking in a messy galley. Our work stuff is taking all of the counter space so she's making do. Amazing. Hidden behind the companionway steps is a case of no-refrigeration milk and the Honda generator.

The storage rack that I fabricated to store extra gas (red cans), diesel (yellow can), water (blue can). We carried two 5-gallon gas cans, 2 2-gallon gas cans, one 5-gallon diesel, and one 5-gallon water.

Using his climbing gear, Bill climbed to the first spreader and installed a large radar reflector just above the radome. He drilled eight holes in the mast and tapped them for machine screws, not bad for hanging in the air for five hours!

Wings listing! Usually on her feet, now she has extra food and fuel aboard.

Our "leaving La Paz" photo.

Chip admires the sundown view of Bahia Los Frailes.



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