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Preparing the Boat in La Paz

We've been in La Paz for two days, now, and we're making some progress. It seems agonizingly slow, though. Here are some scenes of our life here.

The stainless steel master crafter, Sergio, is scrunched into the "man cave" to repair our rudder cage. He's got some hot, cramped work ahead of him, including some welding down there.

The dratted desalinator's home. This space was reclaimed from an old marine sanitation device's sterilizer unit, now trashed. The large unit at right is an electric motor connected to the high pressure pump that forces salt water through the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. The smaller pump just feeds saltwater to the large unit. There are many more parts yet to be installed. The large pump/motor weighs in at 44 pounds. I had to fabricate the 1/2-inch thick plastic shelves.

The large rectangle is the starboard fuel tank and the white cylinder is the RO membrane vessel. At 4-ft long and 6" in diameter, it's been a headache to find a place for it and to work on it. Hoses carrying high pressure salt water (900 psi) to the unit, another high pressure hose with fresh water, and a low pressure brine hose thread their ways from the membrane vessel

Even I, the King of Chaos, have trouble living in this kind of mess! The stuff sitting out is to be used for projects, but it's little consolation.

Imagine what it was like before I moved these boxes outside! As much stuff as possible is perched outside in the rain-less La Paz environment.

The new fuel (red for gas) and water (blue) Jerry cans were recently delivered from America, as was the extra-large storm anchor.

Wings and her messy decks. Even messy, she's lovely.

Marina Palmira sunset. Returning from the showers, a trip I desperately needed, I was taken by this lovely sunset.



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