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Daniel and Antoinette's Bay

After leaving Taiohae Bay on Nuku Hiva, we sailed about 5 miles west to the bay locally known as Daniel and Antoinette's Bay, after the Marquesan couple who used to live there and are famous in cruising circles for their hospitality to visiting sailors.

The rock-bound, volcanic coast of Nuku Hiva reveals itself as we sail toward Daniel and Antoinette's Bay. No place to land, here.

The stunning volcanic Nuku Hiva coastline and the fearsome breakers on the rocks guarding Daniel and Antoinette's Bay.

Entering Daniel and Antoinette's Bay involves a dog-leg turn around the point, ahead.

Against the far rock wall lies one of the world's largest waterfalls. We unfortunately didn't have a chance to hike to it but other sailors anchored in the bay near us said it's quite a sight.

We dinghied ashore in one of the lobes of Daniel and Antoinette's Bay.

Even in this protected cove, the incoming tide made for a bit of surf that gave us a lively dinghy ride! Black sand beaches were still a novelty.

Ocean on the far side of the row of coconut palms; salt lagoon on the near side. The incoming tide was pushing its way into the lagoon when we went ashore.

A small group of families lives in this picturesque part of Daniel and Antoinette's Bay, shaded by the towering basalt valley walls.

A sun-baked Conni beach-combs on the lagoon side of the cove.



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