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We Cross the Pacific!

At last, we were off. We spent a single evening in Cabo San Lucas to refuel, then cast off at 3 PM for the South Pacific.

We knew that we were headed into some wind and waves since we saw the storm warning but we were so anxious to be off that we went anyway. We made long distances, but poor Chip vomited for two days! A milder shake-down would have been better.

We settled into our routine quickly. Conni had the 0-0400 shift, Bill had 0400-0800, Chip 0800-1200, Conni again 1200-1600, Bill again 1600-2000, and Chip completed the day 2000-24000. We caught sleep when we could, fixed the ever-present breakdowns, and read. The Pacific Puddle Jump net was at 1900 so I came below to do the communication, then completed my shift and went to bed. Sleep became a very important commodity and we lost it begrudgingly. Night sail changes, bad weather, breakdowns, all cost us sleep.

Our beloved Hydrovane did all of the steering while we sailed, so it performed in all of the weather conditions that we faced.

We arrived in Nuku Hiva after 23.5 days at sea, much better time than we had anticipated.

Wings sailing. Note Jerry cans of fuel/water on each side. The large lump in the foreground is our dinghy, later stored on starboard side.

On the voyage to Cabo San Lucas, we were able to coastal cruise, allowing us to enjoy evening meals together. Here, Chip clowns around with Conni at dinner.

Conni leave Wings for a stroll in Cabo.

Conni examines one of the night's catch of flying fish who wing aboard and die.

We power the water maker with this Honda generator. Great device!

Chip reads on watch. The Hydrovane, photo middle, is steering. On watch, one wears the lifejacket and harness, fixing the wearer to the boat.

Far offshore. What's to see? More water.

Bill's light reading: Bowditch's famous tome on all things navigational. The cord above is the control line for the Hydrovane.

A day at sea. Chip's on watch, Conni's took the photo, and Bill's hanging out.

A storm approaches. We dreaded the upset lifestyle that these things provided.

A view from the solar panel arch. Our controller failed after three weeks and Bill had to re-wire and operate the panels by hand.

Our trail in the blue Pacific Ocean. Our trail under sail is much different than when motoring. The "vane" of the Hydrovane is the red thing at left.

Make water, take a bath. Here, Chip sits in the cockpit and showers from the black shower bag.

Conni cooks as we travel. She consistently provided interesting, nutritious, and tasty meals.

Sunset in the Pacific. Lovely.

Conni serves dinner, always eaten in the cockpit for the cool air.

At 0200 on Conni's watch, she awakened us as we crossed the equator. Hurray! We had chocolate and rum to celebrate and then all stumbled back to bed.

Our first landfall: Ua Hiva. After 22 days at sea, it was amazing to see land!

Conni tweaks the Hydrovane.

One of my favorite photos: Conni sees land for the first time!

Our first sight of Nuku Hiva.

Chip admires Ua Huka.



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