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We Prepare for The Crossing

Our preparation for the Pacific Crossing is down to the last projects and storing provisions. After planning, purchasing, and transporting hundreds of pounds of gear, we are finally in Mexico.

Our three Rubbermaid "Blue Boxes" full of gear fill some floor space in the resort's room. The odd items on the top of the left-hand box are lengths of used fire hose used for chafe protection on dock lines. It's an old trick. We found on-line a 50-ft roll of the used 1-1/2 inch hose and Conni's dad and I cut some of it to length. The Blue Boxes have served us extremely well, protecting and transporting gear to ports from Alaska to Mexico, on taxis, buses, carts, and aircraft.

Beautiful Playa Grande from our room. No wonder we love spending time here!

This is how the other half travels. The motor yacht Air is 81 m, 265.7-ft long and is owned by an Italian candy magnate. That's a helicopter on her stern.

Groceries fill the back of our rental car after a shopping spree in the Cabo San Lucas Costco.

What goes in must come out. The groceries in the preceding photo were hauled to the boat by cart once we reached La Paz.

Wings under wraps. This is the "garden cloth" cover that we had made in San Carlos. It offers some sun cover but breathes.

A pile of food awaits storing below.

A food-laden cart (wedged between the concrete pillar and the boat) awaits unpacking and transport to the cockpit.

The solar panels await re-deployment and consume a lot of space. The long white tube in front is the reverse osmosis (RO) pressure vessel, the heart of our desalinator. Those solar panels were carted by hand from the US and I've always been surprised that the two 5-ft glass panels survived the trip. We're looking forward into Wings' saloon, navigation station at right.

Why Conni is cranky. The boat is a wreck below! Not only is there gear (on the dining table foreground) and food (galley counters) everywhere, all in need of a home, but every surface is coated in a layer of dust from the dusty La Paz boat yard. Conni is standing in the companionway wondering how she'll get everything accomplished.



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