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This photogenic island's beautiful western bay graces more Baja photos than any location on the peninsula. When we visited, twice last leg, it was barren other than the sea-mist-fed plants that predominate most of the year. After Hurricane Paul's rainy passage, though, the desert was abloom! Interestingly, the salt pans from which we had harvested luscious sea salt had all been filled with fresh water and were but dirt ponds of salty water, a nursery for vicious and tenacious biting flies.

Disappointed Conni gazes at the ex-salt pans. I had even dragged a heavy hammer to remove some salt for gifts. Sorry folks, but it's Morton's for you.

The now-lush growth on the nearby hills is in such contrast to the same view a few months ago.

A good view of the pans now shows the beginnings of salt crystal formation. The pans are dug to depths below sea level so they spontaneously fill with the Sea's briny water. When that evaporates, the salt remains and grows thicker and thicker.

Desert though this appears, it's radically greener than our last visit.

The beautiful curve of the bay is backed by the green-clad hills.

Lovely Conni strolls back to the beach from the salt pans. The beach is not just sand but coarse grains of tuff and shells.

Lovely Conni walks toward our waiting dinghy for the trip back to Wings.



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