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San Carlos and Putting Wings on the Hard

It seems that we've just arrived! How can all this time have gone past? The boat is on the hard in San Carlos and we'll return to Alaska soon. Leg 5 will see us return to the Sea of Cortez for a while, but we end the Leg by leaving the boat in La Paz for work to be done over winter. In Spring, on to Puerto Vallarta and the Pacific Puddle Jump to the South Pacific!

Lucy's upholstery shop, near the marina. She does a lot of marine and custom sewing for sailors and we hired her to do a lot of work for us.

The Marina Seca or Dry Marina, is a forest of masts as Mexico's summer heat threatens the Gringos.

Tetas de Cabra (Goat Tits) rise above the harbor one afternoon.

Conni, Ellen, and Jim have become fast friends. Ellen's an IT professional and Jim is a mechanical engineer. They have just moved out of Alaska after many years in the state.

Pushing and asking nicely, the crew moves Wings toward the trailer. Ellen, Conni, and Jim are part of the crew.

Wings, being coaxed onto the trailer.

She's out of the water and a boat no more. Wings ready for the Marina Seca.

Spacey photo of Wings' keel on the trailer.

Lovely Conni rides the trailer to the Marina Seca and gets a wet butt for her efforts.

Wings leaves the Marina on the trailer.

The two brains of the outfit: the rig driver at left and the master of the trailer at right, with the trailer and rig behind.

Wings on stands, again. The next two boats are also from Alaska, surprisingly enough. I washed her hull so she looks much better now.



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