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From Ensenada de La Raza to Ensenada Grande

We're taking it easy, starting late, and anchoring early: and why not? We arrived in Ensenada Grande early in the afternoon, and started our evening's cocktail hour a bit early. The next day, though, we began our day's activities. I was a bit under the weather, but managed to get the dingly unloaded, the outboard mounted, and got Debbie and Philippe to a small beach a few minutes away. They hiked to the top of a nearly mountain while I stayed below and recupperated, and Conni read in the sun. At the appointed hour, we fetched D and P and discussed our day's fun.

From a vantage point, the guide's camp at the bay's head. It seems that they offer diving on nearly reefs, kayaking, and snorkeling trips, as well as full tent accomdations and food served in the two large canopies. Nice place.....

The Cross provides support to my tired sister after her climb to the top with Philippe.

From the top they snapped this photo of Wings at anchor.

Conni, an "almost-geologist", describes what we are seeing.

Another photo, this one in Ensenada Grande, of the two bands of colored strata: red on top, green on bottom.

D and P found this water-carned basin in the rocks while climbing the mountain. As dry as it is, they must get water, and a lot of it, at some time.



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