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From Enseñada Grande to Isla San Francisco: Day 1

Conni didn't think that we could cover the distance to Isla San Francisco, but after some time with the charts, we realized that the distances were much smaller that we thought. The trip across the 20-miles stretch of Sea of Cortez was fast and uneventful, and we arrived in the lovely bay in time to get ashore and explore. There was so much to see that we decided to stay the night and much of the next day, too. Needing to return to La Paz, we pulled the hook at 3 PM the second day and headed south.

The crescent beach in Isla San Francisco is made of shells and rock instead of sand. Still, it's a beautiful beach.

Wings at anchor. As I mentioned in the blog, I hoisted the wind generator and deployed the solar panels.

Troll emerges from below decks.

A fine photo of the green and red strata we continued to see.

The group heads across the salt flats to "Agate Beach", as we called it. Philippe photo.

Agate Beach in late afternoon. It was littered with bones, agate, shells of startling thickness, and less human trash than we expected.

Group photo taken by Philippe. We had not even removed our life jackets before traipsing across the salt flats on which we're walking.



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