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Ensenada de Raza

We left Marina Palmira in early afternoon and headed toward Isla Espritu Santo. When we were a few miles out from town, I dropped a fishing line into the water and within an hour, we caught a Black Skipjack, a trash fish to Mexicans, but not bad eating. I think that we'll dump the next one, though.

We motor-sailed most of the day, and arrived in Ensenada de Raza in early afternoon, in time for cocktails and dinner.

Sunset in Marina Palmira, the night before we left.

A Black Skipjack, a member of the tuna family known for its ferocious fighting, was the first fish to fall to the boat. While not a prime eating fish, it's a great fish to catch. We ate it, anyway.

Debbie is learning to play the guitar and she and Conni provided a lot of home entertainment.

Philippe reads about fishing.

A great photo of the two Doineaus.

Fractured like glass, this rock is obviously cyrstalline. All of this area was created by a nearly volcano, now extinct and fallen in.

These are the bands of green and red rock that we saw on each island and bay that we visited. The green is more obvious here, but directly above the green layer is a red layer.

More of the green layer of rock.

Debbie made a seafood chouder with fish and such that she purchased from a La Paz market. Wine, salad, seafood, and great company: what's better?



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