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San Diego and the Start of the Baja-Haha

We're ready! Regardless of all the difficulties that we overcame, I think that we'll have a great time. Every single person whom we've met has been interesting and helpful. These folks seem to be the real deal: at least part-time cruisers with a lot of experience.

Our volunteer crew, Jerry and Nancy Wertzbaugher, arrived and they've worked along side us to prepare the boat. We cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have two very competent and willing people to help with the chores and watch schedule. I outlined all the specific tasks in our blog, but we had many items on our "Do Before Leaving" list. All of the critical ones are complete and most of the optional ones are, too.

Conni at the wheel in front of her new taffrail. It's not been warm offshore, so on watch, we've resorted to our warm clothes.

A schooner that we passed. Lovely but it takes a full crew.

This USCG vessel is practicing helicopter landings on her stern deck.

Dan in his Norseman sailboat. He's a physicist specializing in lightening and works for NOAA. His Norseman was designed by Bob Perry, the same designer for our Passport. It's a great boat with a lot of headroom

Nancy and Jerry hopped to work immediatly on stowing the rolled-up dinghy.

Another of the Haha boats, beautifully maintained. The "lee clothes" protect the cockpit from wind, seas, and prying eyes.

An Alberg 34, a classic sailboat. The owner is a mariner who does deliveries world wide.

Jennifer from Stockholm. A couple owns her and they accept paying couples to participate on their trip around the world. One can read their website emblazoned on her sides.

The green 2011 Haha flies above these two boats, each hosting a group of partying Haha-ers.

Our new Hydrovane looks great. The vane (the red part) is high above the Bimini in clean air. The new rear cover now houses an LED stern light. The white line is the drag line for the water generator.

The Haha party! There are a few folks in costumes, but most just dropped tools and jumped on the shuttle.

Haha-ers enjoy the party.

The yellow hats are Haha hats. The white tent is the beer and wine tent. All skippers and first mates received a "schwag bag" with Tshirts, hats, and other Baja Haha treasures.




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