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Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles. Los Angeles! It's so different than San Francisco that it seems on another planet. Huge, multi-ethnic, it has the ways and means if you have the time and money. We took few photos of this stage since it was only a single day's travel.

Conni was fascinated by the offshore oil rigs that line the California coast in this section of the state. Most have drill rigs on them, so they're either re-drilling or expanding the reservoir access.

A great photo of these platforms. Crew boats and supply boats from shore resupply and restaff the rigs on a regular basis. There is a helicopter landing pad on the right side and a derrick in the middle.

Conni says that movie stars live in these beach houses and they cost millions! She says that since they're up on pilings that the stars have some privacy. There are miles and miles of these things.

A view of more homes, both on the beach proper and in the surrounding hills.

We arrived in LA at dusk, as you can see. This pier (the dark thing in mid-photo) is the Santa Monica Pier, on which is a carnival every day. The light in the middle is on the center of a Ferris Wheel.



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