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Wings on the Hard in La Paz

Leaving one's boat is difficult task, and leaving one's boat when it's also home and safe harbor is doubly difficult. I snapped a few photos of Wings as she sat in the yard at Atalanta.

To protect the boat from UV, and to offer some relief from the heat, we built a "tent" of tarps for the cockpit and main cabin. As you will see in other photos, the bow was uncovered and the below-decks temperature was much hotter there. This is great view of the "tunnel" of tent. You can see a sail bag in the middle of the photo.

The tent from port side. The dinghy is also wrapped in a silver cocoon to protect her from UV.

Many stand were used to balance the boat but most of her weight is on her keel. The steel ladder was nicely sized for Wings. I ran fresh water through the engine raw water system to rinse the salt out. The large dark wet spot is the exhaust.

Down the barrel....Wings, bow on.

Starboard side view of the tent and dinghy cover.

A line of stored boats beside the trailer that hauled us.

The line-up of other boats in our row. Several were new and would probably be splashed this season, but several others were probably derelict. A derelict boat is a sad sight to me.

Wing's stern, showing the great paint job, the lack of growth, and the number of stands used to balance her.

Whoa! Do we need a new propeller zinc or what? Yes, and we shall have one. The chain ties together stands on each side of the boat.



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