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We Leave San Francisco!

A momentous occasion! We depart on Leg 3, which ends with our leaving the US for a long time. We worked two full weeks when we had planned for one, stayed with LaVerne and Joyce for two weeks when we had told them one, and spent FAR more money that we had budgeted. Ah, cruising! We have to keep moving since we overstay our welcome!

The Fortman Marina in the early morning. Wings is the first boat with her roller furl facing west. It's a lovely marina and we'd recommend it to anyone.

The Alameda Yacht Club. They were very kind to us and offered a lot of advice from their personal experiences in Mexico.

Wings, ready to leave, we hope.

It's Fleet Week in San Francisco and we managed to enter the estuary when a large USCG ship was leaving and these Navy patrol boats were taking no chances. There were Navy patrol boats all around the USCG vessel that prevented our approaching closer than many hundreds of yards. No problem.

Scott's, in Jack London Square, is our favorite bar and restaurant in Oakland. We've enjoyed many hours gazing out those windows and wondering what it would be like to see the restaurant from this vantage point

Interesting image of a large ship. Note the bow bulb which increases speed somehow. The small fan icon marks the location for the bow thruster used to help maneuver the vessel. There is also a small "T" showing where a tugboat can place her bow to push.

Leaving the estuary and heading for San Francisco Bay. The lovely bridge is the Bay Bridge between SF and Oakland. The large USCG vessel is ahead at right.

An Imperial Walker stalks across the estuary! George Lucas lived around here so I KNOW this is the source of that design. It's a loading crane for container ships, of course.

The Bay Bridge, beautiful as are all suspension bridges.

San Francisco basking in the morning sun. Note the alignment of the city streets, allowing moving traffic to reflect sunlight. It's a lovely place.

Alcatraz Island, the Alcatraz light house (the first American lighthouse on the Pacific coast), and a building destroyed by fire in the early 1900s. Note no walls; they don't need walls.

Conni and Alcatraz.

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

And, we're GONE! The Golden Gate Bridge is behind us, now.

Happy Billy at the wheel, sailing Wings under the bridge. The large red "feather" is the wind vane for our Hydrovane steering device.

The entire bridge seen from the Pacific rather than San Francisco Bay. The Marin headlands are on the north (left) and San Francisco to the south.

Part of Fleet Week is the performance of the Navy aerobatic team, the Blue Angels, and here they are over the bridge.



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