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Hauling Wings in La Paz

We felt that leaving Wings on the hard was a better choice than leaving her in the water, and was certainly less expensive. Yes, boats are better supported when they're in the water, but on the other hand, if a through-hull fails, we're a bilge pump away from a sunken boat. Probabilities and consequences.... She can certainly fall over, but she can't sink! It took about two hours to haul the boat because of the amazing care that the crew lavished on the process.

The crew lines up the boat for hauling. The water is SHALLOW! We had motored a scant 1/4 miles from the marina to their yard.

Damn she's beautiful. Wings ready to haul.

This is the tractor that hauls the trailer, the white object on the ramp.

The trailer is lowered into the water via this cable since the trailer has to be in such deep water to fetch the boat.

El Jefe! El Jefe, the boss, flexes for the camera as he begins the process. He's the brains of the outfit.

With wheels blocked, the operator awaits a signal from Jefe to operate the cable winch.

A good photo of the crew, the now-submerged trailer, and Wings. The guys on the ropes aligned the boat onto the trailer. From here, it's easy to see the need for the cable to attach the trailer to the tractor.

Was the boat in the proper position on the trailer? El Jefe found out by diving on her. He went in countless times to ascertain the situation. In Petersburg, John Murgas simply couldn't get into the cold water so he used an underwater camera.

Conni consoles her frayed nerves with a cerveza fria as she looks on. Note sail bags on the deck.

Wings just prior to the haul-out.

El Jefe operates the hydraulic control that operates the "arms" holding the boat stably on the trailer.

She's coming out of the water. The hydraulically-operated arm can be seen at left. This trailer had three per side.

And, she's on land!

The Atalanta office: small but friendly.

The crew places stand under the boat.



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