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Fiesta and Exit of Bahia Santa Maria and Dorado!

On the second day in Bahia Santa Maria, we enjoyed a wonderful fiesta provided by vendors who came a long way to provide the service. For the Haha fleet, Mexican Customs authorities suffered the long hot drive to provide entry logistics, a band trucked all its gear to provide music, and various people sold food and alcohol to a hungry and thirsty Haha fleet. The fleet left Bhaia Santa Maria at 7 AM local time. At 1:30, we caught our first Dorado! Also known as dolphin or Mahi Mahi, it was fun to catch, fighting all the way to the boat.

As we took the Panga ashore, we snapped this photo of Wings at anchor. She's a cruising sailboat, now.

The lovely beach of Bahia Santa Maria. The dark region is the outflow of a river.

Pangas breach the surf line to bring Haha-ers to the fiesta.

Conni, Jerry, and Nancy enjoy the fiesta meal of fish, shrimp, rice, potatoes, pico de gallo, and beer from the boat.

Lovely Conni interrupts her eating long enough for a quick photo.

Hungry Haha-ers rest and eat. Conni is still sitting at left.

The fiesta in full swing. The right hand tent shelters the Mexican customs authorities and the left ten shelters the great band. Booties are being shaken.

Guess the time of day. Early morning? Yep, we left Bahia Santa Maria at 7 AM and we were still all slurping coffee.

Nancy enjoys the morning.

With light winds, any boat with a spinnaker flew it. Here's a sample of the lovely sails.

With typical kindness, Nancy bought these tamales for us. They were beautiful and very tasty. Clever Conni made up this cool way to steam them to warmth.

Our 15-pound, 38-inch Dorado. It's a beautiful fish, blue and green and yellow while alive. That blount forehead is simply unmistakable.

Not much doubt as to what this is. We trolled most days with a cedar plug and this was only the second fish that we caught.

From sea to fridge in ten minutes ensures a quality product. Here, Bill filets the Mahi-Mahi.



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