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Bahia Santa Maria

Bahia Santa Maria is a fish camp with no permanent residents. All services that we enjoyed, as sparse as they were, had to trucked to the site by a combination of vehicles and boats. Although it's a common stopover for vessels transiting between Mexico and the US, it's usually just an anchorage.

Nancy considers the sea at sunset on the night before we arrive in Bahia Santa Maria.

Jerry at the wheel, Conni does chores prior to dropping the anchor in Bahia Santa Maria.

The fleet leaves Bahia de Tortugas, spinnakers flying.

You get what you pay for. Our scurvy crew sleeps while on watch.

Bahia Santa Maria. Note the dust on our Bimini cover. Wind carries the Baja dust and it lands everywhere.

Bahia Santa Maria and the fleet at anchor.

Our latest gizmo at work: the wind generator flies on Wings' backstay. Our camera is fast enough to "freeze" the motion of the 5-ft propeller as it converts wind energy into electrical energy.

Afternoon for the fleet.

A cruiser's view of the world.



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