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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Wrangell, AK to Ketchikan, AK

Wrangell was good to us. We were able to fix our propeller and engine, allowing us to continue on our journey. The journey down Zimovia Strait was interesting but uneventlful, other than the hair-raising traverse of the actual strait.

We spent the night in Vixen Harbor, a lovely anchorage with a very difficult and shallow entry. It was difficult to see the entrance when we arrived at dark, and we even scrapped bottom on our departure at low tide. It was a secluded and lovely place and we shared it with a nice single-hander in a classic yacht, a Westsail 32.

Heading out of Wrangell on a spectacularly sunny morning.

Nemo Point. Nothing spectacular, but as a long-time fan of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this photo had to be included.

A lofty and lovely peak west of Zimovia Strait.

Maneuvering through a tight turn in Zimovia Strait. Note the red marker atop the rock. That means "don't go here."

Leg 2 begins in earnest! Our first night of anchoring out in a cove, away from any town or dock, was cause for celebration. On reaching Vixen Harbor (marked by the tip of the pen) we broke out a luscious bottle of bubbly that our friend Jonathan Galin had given us when we left Seward last fall. We'd been saving it for just the right moment.

I guess the last guy who tried to get into Vixen Harbor at low tide didn't fare so well. This is merely two years of water damage!

The tiny entrance to Meyer's Chuck, seen after we made it through. One passes the red day marker on the rock (on the left in the photo) to one's right, and the small green can buoy in the water to one's left. In sailor's lingo, "Red on the right on return."

Hi, Ma. I was talking to you to wish you happy Mother's Day! Lovely, isn't it?

The public pay phone in Meyer's Chuck. Anyone who doubts that this is a rain forest need only gaze at the moss everywhere and the ferns on top. Yep, it works. Even with a bird's nest on top of the call box.

This fascinating bit of "yard art" is along the footpath in Meyer's Chuck. The iron spider that guards her gigantic web is at center left.



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