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More photos from Victoria, BC

Our travels and activities here warrant more photos of this lovely city. We've visited many places, walked a lot in town, and met many wonderful people. Victoria is a busy Canadian town with a long and colorful history. As the capital of BC, it also has the trappings of provincial administration. Here are a few photos of our last full day visit.

Butchart Gardens is a resurrected limestone quarry, saved by Mrs. Jennie Butchart in the 1910s. Using funds the family made on the cement factory that created the quarry, she brought plants from all over the world. It's now a world-famous site, a National Historic Site in Canada, and a must-see destination. Our friend Holly McLean urged us to visit and we're glad that we did.

Wings in FRONT of the Empress Hotel!

Butchart Gardens, the Sunken Garden. This was the lowest point in the old quarry. Of course, this is a tiny part of the 55-acre Butchart Gardens grounds.

And this is a ..... Handkerchief Tree! What else! It was completely unknown to us.

Butchart Cove where the family kept their yacht. They even entertained the royal family on their visits to Victoria.

Conni among the only blooming roses in the extensive rose garden.

Bill supporting the juniper hedge.

It was hot so we enjoyed gelatos in the formal Italian gardens.

Bill in the Italian garden.

Some of the lovely tulips. We bought seeds and will try to grow the Himalayan Blue Poppy.

The inside of the Bengal Lounge. A re-furbished gentlemen's smoking room from the early 1900s, it's now the premier cocktail lounge in Victoria.

Lovely Conni contemplating the cocktail menu. It's impossible to discern that she just walked off a sailboat and didn't step out of a limousine!

She decides...

Success! Conni enjoys a Bengal Tiger cocktail: what else in the Bengal Lounge?

One of the Punka fans. I recognized them but did not know the name.

The outside of the Empress at dusk.

Puff works on her manifesto. She's not as literate as Archy the Cockroach, but she is comfortable on the job.



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