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The Mast is Painted and Returned to Us!

After a week being primed, painted, and cured, the mast has been returned. This page is more in the nature of a "We've accomplished this". We still have a lot to do, but we're closing in.

The mast is pulled from the painting loft. The fork lift has a special device for supporting the long masts. Conni supervises.

Tim, in hat (usually the driver of the TraveLift), and Kalin handle the lower mast.

Ray, in the shorts, is Svendsen's Yard manager and supervises the upper mast end.

Safe and sound and with several new coats of primer and paint.

Our mast in the mast yard, awaiting our attention.

Our mast among many. The groove along the side will hold wiring. The spreader sholders can be seen at two locations.

Our newly installed triducer. I have to paint over the gray barrier coat before we splash the boat. The blue structure is a "fairing" that smooths the water as it flows past the devices. The small protruding paddlewheel turns as the boat moves, providing data on our speed through the water. The forward end of the red oval just forward of the paddlewheel contains the depth sounder transducer, pointing straight downward. Under the yellow triangle is a through-bolt that prevents the entire installation from rotating when we're underway. The white sealant is 3M 4200. All this data will be incorporated into the display at the helm, providing a comprehensive view of the vessel's motion, location, and enviromnent.

Our newly greased and assembled MaxProp feathering propeller. The grease helps indicate the two locations, now filled with set screws, for our new zerc fittings. Zercs are grease nipples that allow us to grease the prop without disassembling it. That task will be minutes rather than an hour.

The bottom of the triducer showing the paddlewheel and the small circle housing the water temperature transducer.

She's painted and read to go!



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