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Bishop Hot Springs

After a day of cold rain, NOTHING is more inviting than a hot springs! We motored most of the day through stunningly beautiful scenery, and were pleased to have the hot springs to ourselves until we had both dressed to go.

The lovely scenery was the west side of Gribbell Island. Deep fjords, snowy peaks, and barely tree-covered mountain sides made for some of the most beautiful scenery so far.

Our schedule for the next few days of travel.

Hartley Bay, a small native community near our night's anchorage. It's a lovely place.

"El Capitan" on the west side of Gribbell Island. Obviously, it's glacially scoured.

Breathtaking terrain seen through fog, mist, and rain.

Not sunny, but it might fool you! Wings tied up to the dock at Bishop Hot Springs.

What did we see written in the bath house at Bishop but the names of our friends and mentors, Dick and Peg McKibbin.

The bath house at Bishop Hot Springs. There's a dressing room at right, a small washing area outside, a covered soaking pool, and an open-air soaking pool. Every surface is covered in the graffiti of many visitors.

The bath house from Wings.

We add our own graffiti to the mix.



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