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Tenakee Hot Springs stole our hearts. We can imagine ourselves spending time here. There's electricity, gas and wood for heat, running water, and internet. For city things, there are Juneau and Sitka a half-day away, closer by plane. Possible....

Tenakee Hot Springs. In the pool's center, you can see the crack in the rock through which the 107°F water percolates to the surface. One is required to soak in the nude, so gender access is separated with female/male bath times not overlapping. One mustn't put anything but clean bodies into the pool, so one washes and pours rinse water using the collection of plastic jugs on hand. Everyone in town spends some time in the pool, and consensus is that a soak on a cold winter day is the way to appreciate the springs.

Beautiful Tenakee Hot Springs, photo taken from the Alaska Marine Highway ferry dock. With no motorized vehicles other than the occasional four-wheeler, no signs, no industry, it's like stepping back in time.

Lovely Conni strolls down Main Street.

The main and only street in Tenakee Springs. Everyone lives ON Main Street and for those whose homes straddle the road, access is granted for passage. The Blue Moon Cafe, run by Rosie, is to the left. Hand-cut French Fries and good burgers are her speciality, spiced with a liberal dose of stories from her 54 years in Tenakee Springs.

The only store in town: Snyder Mercantile. It sells everything that might be needed, even $13 gallons of milk. Inside, it's a lovely old store with walls lined with every kind of item, just fewer choices. They also advertise as being the "Best Liquor Store in Tenakee Springs": not surprising since it's the only liquor store!

Alaska Marine Highway dock behind the ONLY public toilet on the small pier. The building supplies are those ordered by locals for construction of homes and other projects.

Bordered lane with another lovely home.

Looks European, doesn't it? The lane as it separates two lovely homes.

Lush garden with everything from carrots to strawberries.

Lovely home and flowers.

Looking back at suburban Tenakee: the main part of town is around the far point. Everyone lives right on the four-wheeler trail.

A local returns from the weekly farmer's market loaded with local home-grown veggies!

Lovely (and clean) Conni strolling by the library, on left. Do you see that she's in a tank top? It was warm!

The small but lovely harbor: water, power, good protection.

A lovely home and garden near the harbor.

Bill, outside the Tenakee Hot Springs library, using their free Wifi.

Our new friend, Tom, gave us a box of Dungeness crab! He mentioned it in passing, and we came back to Wings and a cooler box with frozen ice packs held two big crabs. Dinner for two, for two nights.

One crab fills the pot! It's an amazing amount of crab and a very generous gift.



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