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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Elfin Cove, Alaska, our first stop after the crossing. We were giddy with excitement and exhaustion. We had been getting only 3 hours of sleep at a time, while on watch across the Gulf.

We toast our arrival after a long sleep.

Conni always makes a party. Conni had saved this particular bottle of bubbly since receiving it as a retirement gift.

We arrived in Elfin Cove at 4 AM and took the first empty space on the dock, without realizing that the yellow paint designated that part as the seaplane dock! To bed at 5, up at 8 to move the boat behind the yellow line.

Looking across Cross Sound from Elfin Cove. The 8 AM air taxi (lovely yellow plane) can be seen through our bow pulpit.

Elfin Cove

Pre-shower Bill (four-day crossing with no bath) on Elfin Cove boardwalk.

Demon cats await breakfast.



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