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Home Port of Seward, Alaska


Through Chatham Straits and into Peril Straits

Until one is in the middle of Chatham Straits, it's difficult to understand the magnitude of the Southeast. These islands, Chichagof and Admiralty, to name only two, are as large as several of the other United States. The Southeast also has all the whales in the world, or at least it seems that way. Our tiny camera does no justice to these lovely creatures, so we won't bore you with photos of tiny surface blobs.

Chatham Straits on the typical sunny day that we have enjoyed for two weeks. No wind, so it's all by motor, but the scenery is unbelievable.

A tug pulls a barge through the wide part of Peril Strait.

The tug is pulling the barge but the tow cable is still below water! My Physics lesson for the day...

Conni checks our bank account via cell phone. The tiny town of Angoon is about five miles behind us and we suspect that was the source of the signal.

Granite spire, unnamed as far as we know, in Chatham Strait.

Bill watches whales dance.



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